SUPER LINE INDUSTRIES ,Also known as SLI . A well known name in India, is the leadingmanufacturer and supplier of a wide Range of automotive components for various auto applications. Superline has been in to the Business of automotive components for more than three decades. During this period marked by major technological innovations & up gradation, Superline has acquired deep expertise and know- how to manufacture world-class Auto components.

Our main products are Brake Lining, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, P.F.Resin, phenol,Clutch facing, Clutch plates and much more.
We have various units which are situated at Different places like one is in Greater noida ,Sikandrabad etc. Our new Manufacturing Unit is coming up as a new upgradation , (the upcoming industrial hub) on Yamuna Expressway .

Our company’s philosophy is of continuous modernization and up gradation of skills, processes and machinery. With our sizeable production capacity, advantage of low manufacturing cost and in – house tool making capabilities, we are in a position to provide World Class Quality Product at very competitive prices.

We at Superline are committed to provide total customer satisfaction by anticipating customer needs and presenting Quality Parts & Services at the right time and at the right price. The customer and his ever changing need is our continuous source of inspiration.

 Our Products are available all across India through  a vast Distribution Channel of more than 250 Distributors,  Sales Professionals located at different parts within our country and some are outside the country, SLI  is supplying BREAK LINING & RAW MATERIAL to the countries like New Zeeland , Bangladesh, Ukraine etc.

WE also provide various facalities for our employes and workers which are neccesary for them. Various Quaters are made foe them to stay and food and electricity are made free for them. Promotions are made in a regular intervals.  


  • Superlineworks on the principle of QUALITY FIRST
  • For us, Quality always is the top most priority. Superline Products are checked at each stage i.e. Raw Material, Production & PDI by our team of expert professionals.
  • We have state of art equipment to check various parameters of the products produced by Superline.
  • No Product or Raw Material can enter or leave Superline without testing quality parameters.